Simon Shegelman was born In Russia in 1933. In 1952 he enrolled in the highly prestigious Latvian Academy of Fine Art in Riga, from which he graduated with an Honors and Distinction Diploma.

Up until the mid-1970's Shegelman's works were widely exhibited in Russia, the Baltic states, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Prague, Warsaw and Helsinki. He was a winner of numerous prizes and awards.


In 1975, despite his great public success, he immigrated to the West because of political and ideological reasons. Shegelman worked in Rome, Italy and in 1976 moved to Canada, where he made a significant and favorable impact on Canadian artistic life.

During the following 35 years he has worked in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto as well as in Europe. As a result, today Shegelman's work can be found in many public and private collections on both sides of the Atlantic.